Zombie Killers AnonymousZombie Killers Anonymous is an elite group of mercenaries that covertly hunts infected down and destroys them with extreme prejudice. Be warned, if you’re a member of the undead, you’ll be one of our many targets. CEDA has failed us. We can only rely on each other now as we’ve been Left 4 Dead.

While the infection spreads, so does our determination to take back our cities… or at least escape in one piece. From safe room to safe room we travel, leaving behind a mess of undead bodies in our wake.

ZKA maintains a code of conduct to ensure quality game play for all members. This means no hacking, raging, griefing or trolling. After all, we’re playing with friends and it is only a game. Interested in joining ZKA or want to find out more?  So please be polite, play fair and stay the whole game. If you have a problem with someone, please report the alleged abuse to us.


ZKA was founded in May of 2011 with the goal of providing a friendly atmosphere for casual and competitive players. Since then we’ve grown to well over 300 members and are now providing PUGs on a daily basis. We operate 13 dedicated Left 4 Dead 2 servers located throughout the US, and one Counter Strike: Global Offensive server.  Good luck and have fun!